Learn breathing and relaxation techniques and guided meditations to quiet the mind and connect with your soul. Achieve the blissful state of “I am” and of “just being”. Create your own sanctuary of inner peace, tranquility and freedom from the confines of every day life.

Learn how to make contact with the spirit world, meet your spirit guides and receive guidance from them. Learn also how to manifest your desires through affirmations, dream therapy and meditations for abundance.

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Meditation is also taught by incorporating the Quantum Entrainment technique together with a primordial sound mantra. This is an amazing technique that allows you to enjoy the benefits of meditation, assists in your spiritual awakening, clears the mind but also permits you to accept your thoughts as you erase the tension and stress of your life.

This technique is taught over two sessions, preferably a week apart so as to ensure that the client’s progress can be checked and allows the teacher to check whether the mantra to resonates with the client. Interested clients will have to provide the date, time and place of birth for maximum effectiveness of the technique.